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Summer Tea Time by Rosuuri
by Rosuuri

Okay, So I'd like to start out by saying this is an absolutely gorgeous piece! Your lighting and details are splendid! It's obvious you...


Made an actual icon, He's my would be shogun Tobio <3
[Fanart] Dreamy lady by NamiKazeQueen
[Fanart] Dreamy lady
I was involved in a countdown project on tumblr, and this is my artwork from it!

Mitama from Fire Emblem Fates!

All art belongs to me
Ophelia [+Speedpaint!] by NamiKazeQueen
Ophelia [+Speedpaint!]
Ophelia from Fire Emblem Fates. (That's all I'm drawing nowadays I swear) It was a request on tumblr.

 I felt a little skiddish to draw her in her normal outfit, so I chose something more Spacey (she loves space, so we'd get along well~)

Speedpaint is here:
Eden [+Speedpaint!!] by NamiKazeQueen
Eden [+Speedpaint!!]
I decided today was the day to make a speedpaint. I experimented a lot and I kinda liked the result! 

Eden is a boy who is too keen for his own good, so his mother sent him away on a nomadic journey to escape the turmoil in his hometown. 



Minnesota Nice
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just an artist with too many ideas.
No one asked for this wow 

    1-       Name: Osaka (on twitch) or Nami (to friends)

    2-       Live: ...THE HOME OF THE FREEEEE *shot*

    3-       Male or female: Both and Neither 

    4-       Place of birth: Someplace named Hennipen 

    5-       Dark skin or what skin: I'm black but not that dark.

    6-       Religion: I believe in the YOU THAT BELIEVES IN ME.

    7-       Personality: Aggro as hecky

    8-       Primary school: I went to two elementary schools. One was far better     than the other.

    9-       Secondary school: It was a square by the first elementary school I            went too.

    10-   High school: It's named after a really well known Hospital!

    11-   Cloth style : Sweaters and Jeans. Although, at home I prefer no pants.

    12-   Tall or short: KEK

    13-   Mustache or beard  : Neither, but I can handle beards (they're really            common here)

    14-   Smoke: Please no

    15-   Cats or dogs: DOGS

    16-   Face book page: Eh, you don't wanna see it 

    17-   Music type: Classical... anything I like to listen to really. 

    18-   Bicycle: Everywhere. 

    19-   a wish you want to become true: Things to go according to plan.

    20-   a dream : HAVE IT SNOW BUCKETS HERE.

    21-   do you like party’s: If I know them, hell yeah. Otherwise I'll end up           attracting the attention of everyone at an unknown persons party~

    22-   Friends in real life: I have about 4

    23-   Friends online: AYYYY LMAO MY MIDNIGHT CREW

    24-   Funny thing about you: I love to hate on things quietly 

    25-   Things you don’t believe : Kamui can defeat Marth.


    26-   Food: I really REALLY like meat. Like, beef forever please. 

    27-   Fruit: PEARS PEARS PEARS. (I'm allergic to a lot of fruits tho)

    28-   Music type : Violin

    29-   Sport: VOLLEYBALLLLLLL

    30-   Games: JRPG, MOBA, RPG in general (character creation where?)

    31-   Shoe : Boots in the winter m8, sneakers everywhere else. 

    32-   Social media : I use a lot and avoid the dumb shit so it's gr8

    33-   Do you have secrets: Not really. I don't like to live a shady life. I'm           pretty open.

    34-   Subjects : History, Geography, French and ORCHESTRA

Have you

    35-   Traveled with an airplane: Mhmm~

    36-   Traveled with a ship: Never

    37-   Took something not yours: Of course! I steal my sisters food all the time

    38-   Cheated on any exam  : I've cheated on homework, but not tests. 

    39-   Been in a cross fire: No?

    40-   Saw a beautiful girl in your life: Of course? I see them everyday omg

    41-   Been in a fight : Verbal yes, physical... yes. 

    42-   Ever spend the night out of home: Yep~

    43-   Hade an imaginary friend : I drew him once, his name is Sabiga. 

    44-   Been punished on school: Not since elementary. 

Things u like

    45-   Drawing: Obviously

    46-   Eating: Yeppers bro

    47-   Dogs: YES

    48-   Hangout: All the time

    49-   Singing: I like humming more to be honest. 

    50-   Laughing: ALL TTHE TIIIIIIME

    51-   Weapons: I prefer older weapons compaired to guns. Lances are the         best.

    52-   About girls: Long hair, them smelling rly nice.

Things u don’t like

    53-   Ignorance

    54-   Unbalance 

    55-   Overpowered characters in League of Legends. 

    56-   Insulting a game you know nothing about. 


    58-   Condescending Teenagers (wait that's me)

    59-   the SUN

    60-   Chocking on snow

    61-   Rubbing scars 

    62-   Religions not making sense. 

    63-   Taking orders that do not apply to what i'm doing. 

    64-   Lag

Things you never had

    65-   Love (wow okay)

    66-   New consoles on release 

    67-   Photoshop that works

Things you’ve never made

    68-   A cup

    69-   A good story

    70-   A basket (in basketball) 

    71-   Tasty food

    72-   Sandcastle

    73-   Food

Last thing

    74-   Last movie : Big Hero 6

    75-   Last game you played: Fire Emblem: Awakening

    76-   Last food you eat: Cereal

    77-   Last thing you want: To die before I go to Europe

    78-   Last thing you did: Watched League videos

    79-   Last person you spoke to: My Grandma

First things ever

    80-   First thing you had : Milk, probably

    81-   First book: The Rainbow Fish

    82-   First toy you had: idk m8

    83-   First movie you saw: Probably some Veggie Tales shit

    84-   First 3d movie you saw: I'm not sure. 

    85-   First car you ride with your father: Lol never 

    86-   First online friend: A girl named Dorothy77, she hasn't been on in nearly     2 years :/

    87-   First game you played: Dunno

Things you want

    88-   A better Tablet


    90-   A better bed

Future life

    91-   Do you want to own a company : Nope

    92-   Do you want To get Married : Depends

    93-   the man you want to become : Someone who others can depend on

Truly answers

    94-   I can't draw for shit

    95-   I hurt a lot (physically. Like, aches, pains and opening wounds)

    96-   I LOVE SNOW

    97-   I can't breathe 

    98-   I get angry easily, but I have a lot of self-control 

    99-   I wanna be a really good artist someday 

    100- I will never live life like other kids do, but I guess that's okay. 


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